Slovenia elected new community councils in November 2022. To support newly elected municipal councilors Friederich Ebert Stiftung – Croatia Office and 1. May Institute organized a series of intensive one day seminars “Local Activator – Lokalni aktivator” where participants got in touch with their new roles, got acquainted with key rules and procedures and refreshed their skills of public relations management and  interaction at social media.

More than 105 people participated in 3 different locations (Ajdovščina, Vransko, Rakičan), thus covering all key Slovenian regions within the project. Among the participants were several vice-mayors, newly elected mayor of Murska Sobota and two former ministers in the government of Slovenia. Working with the dean of the Faculty of Administration (University of Ljubljana) dr. Mirko Pečarič, former journalist and equality activist Nataša Briški, successful city manager Srečko Đurov and other trainers and guests gave our participants a profound insight into legal and practical aspects of democratic processes on the local and regional level. 

Equipped with knowledge, skill and thus new competence for leadership on local and regional level most of them have already started their new terms and will be the best promoters of democracy, equality and solidarity for the future 4 years.