In this episode, we touched on the area of pensions and the expected changes that the system will undergo in the future. The president of the expert council of the Institute 1. May, dr. Anja Kopač, spoke with dr. Andraž Rangus, the first person responsible for the preparation of the White Book on the pension system, which represents the basis for discussions by social partners, experts and the general public about the future of our pension system.

Important changes to the pension system are ahead of us. When will we be able to retire? What will be the amount of our pension? These are just two key questions that concern each and every one of us.

The interlocutors addressed questions such as:

  • Is it really necessary to work longer?
  • What will be our pension amount?
  • How solidary is our pension system?
  • Is it true that we all pay into the pension system in accordance with the fundamental idea of solidarity – that is, that everyone contributes according to their economic capabilities?
  • What should be the (future) role of II. pension column?
  • How will we harmonize pensions after 2025?
  • How to improve the transparency of the pension system – is a point system possible? What does the so-called the collapse of pensions? Transparency through access to key information – eZPIZ?
  • How to finance the pension system? Higher contributions, new resources?

At the May 1st Institute, we want broad social debates that will include various aspects and also the views of different social and generational groups, with the aim of jointly creating solutions that will increase intergenerational solidarity and the cohesiveness of our society, and above all, strengthen young people’s confidence in the pension system. system.

The Podcast episode: What kind of pension system awaits us in the future?, is available at the following links: