This year’s local activator was organized in cooperation with the partner foundation Friederich Ebert, and the content focused on legal and conceptual aspects of local self-government, successful examples of local community management, and communication through traditional and modern media.

The field of local self-government, legal and conceptual aspects and modern views on the development of local self-government were presented by dr. Mirko Pečarič, full professor in the field of administrative law and public administration law and dean of the Faculty of Administration.

This was followed by a lecture on practical approaches and examples of good practice in the management of local communities, which enables all citizens to participate in joint decision-making on the development and necessary improvements of their own locality. The lecture was led by Manja Zorko, deputy mayor of the Municipality of Kranj.

At the end, there was a lecture on ways of public speaking, communication through online media and how to take care of relations with journalists. We learned about the development of the media from the 15th century onwards, saw what changes television, the Internet and social networks brought to the world of media, and why the media is colloquially called the fourth branch of government.

Participation in the Local Activator program allows participants to acquire and upgrade their skills, knowledge and experience through comprehensive training with the help of mentors and experts in the chosen field. New knowledge and skills can have a long-term beneficial impact on your career and personal advancement.