The meeting, which took place in digital format, was aimed at outlining the goals for the coming year and the activities to be carried out by FEPS and its members. Together, we have addressed 3 key challenges as the main priorities that we will pursue in the coming year:

  1. For a resilient, transformed and fair Europe: addressing the cost of living crisis, building resilience against recession and continuing the green, digital and social transformation
  2. For a democratic and enlarged Europe: focusing on stronger democracy and the rule of law, bringing peace and hope to a wider Europe, preparing for EU enlargement and internal institutional reforms
  3. For a stronger Europe shaping the new world order: Strengthening the global role of the European Union with an emphasis on peace, climate and sustainable development goals, while supporting multilateralism and ensuring strategic autonomy

Thematically, i.e. in more detail, in 2024 we will focus on 10 key areas:

– Social Europe,

– Economy and finance,

– Climate and environment,

– Digital economy and society,

– Gender equality,

– Political Europe,

– Deepening democracy,

– Migrations,

– Europe in the world,

– The future of social democracy.

The May 1st Institute will also actively participate in projects within FEPS, both independently and in cooperation with other sister organizations.

We will keep you informed about the activities.