It is a program that builds on previous similar FES programs with a customized curriculum that includes two intensive and interactive workshops designed as a combination of theoretical presentations and practical skills for representatives of youth organizations and civil society activists from eight countries of the region: Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Croatia. The Progressive Leadership 2023 program focuses on the theme “Regional Cooperation for Peace and Security”.

Participants had the opportunity to attend lectures and discuss various security and political issues in Europe and the Western Balkan region, such as the question, why is community cooperation important? They also had the opportunity to listen to Jovana Marović, the former Montenegrin Minister for European Integration.

At the end of the program in Montenegro, Maja Mohar said that the experience was great, because they made many new acquaintances online, upgraded their knowledge and further strengthened international integration.

Below are some highlights from Podgorica.