In the May 1stInstitute, on Tuesday, November 28 2023, starting at 5 p.m., we are preparing a symposium on the topic of healthcare and its problems in Slovenia, entitled Slovenian healthcare between wishes and reality?.

The following will take part in the event:

  • dr. Erik Brecelj, Ph.D. med., head of the Strategic Council for Healthcare
  • M.Sc. Marko Bitenc, Ph.D. med., director and owner of Bitenc Surgery, Zdravje Health Institute
  • Vlatka Rokvić, Ph.D. med., specialist in family medicine, Ivančna Gorica Health Center and recipient of the title My Family Doctor 2023
    The conversation will be led by dr. Anja Kopač.

Slovenia has been trying to reform the health care system for more than a decade, but unfortunately it has been unsuccessful. Challenges related to accessibility, financing, medical personnel, organization, efficiency, introduction of technological changes, interoperability of information systems, are only deepening with the aging of the population year after year. Inequalities in health care are increasing, and lengthening waiting times are becoming the most visible result of failed attempts to introduce much-needed changes.

The last decade of attempts to introduce changes could be characterized above all as the absence of a clear and coordinated vision of the future of the Slovenian healthcare system and the lack of readiness to jointly find consensual solutions among the system’s key stakeholders. Our time is slowly but surely running out.

At the consultation, we will give a professional diagnosis of the state of the Slovenian healthcare system and try to find urgent solutions together with the interlocutors.

We will touch on issues such as:

  • How to reach a social consensus for the reform of the healthcare system? Does politics still have enough trust and how can the professional public and key stakeholders contribute to forming a social consensus?
  • How to ensure quality and accessible public healthcare? What are the most urgent measures?
  • What kind of relationship between public and private healthcare do we want?
  • What role should concessionaires play in providing public health services?
  • How to reward the best?
  • How to ensure sufficient funds for the growing health care expenditures in the future?

At the end of the hearing, the expert council will also issue a “prescription” with instructions for improving the patient’s condition.