Like other local activators, we organized this one in cooperation with the partner foundation Friederich Ebert. In terms of content, we focused on the most appropriate communication through traditional and modern media. We learned about the development of the media from the 15th century onwards, saw what changes television, the Internet and social networks brought to the world of media, and why the media is colloquially called the fourth branch of government. We learned how to use social networks in the age of digitization and why they are so important today. The latter shape our perception of the world more and more, as they monitor more and more content, especially news. This is especially evident for younger generations, for whom social networks are the main source of information.

We learned how important the form is, sometimes even more than the content itself, through practical workshops, where we first prepared posts for social networks in groups, and designed them with the goal of making them easy to understand, informative, and at the same time short and concise. In the following, we also tried our hand at public speaking. In front of the camera, we conducted a practical example – an interview, and analyzed how and in what way to communicate the information we want to convey to the public as best as possible.

This time, we have prepared a local activator in cooperation with FES for employees of public institutions in the municipality of Jesenice.

Participation in the Local Activator program allows participants to acquire and upgrade their skills, knowledge and experience through comprehensive training with the help of mentors and experts in the chosen field. New knowledge and skills can have a long-term beneficial impact on your career and personal advancement.