This time the planet was on fire. We talked with the young people about how weather changes affect us, which events were imprinted on our memory during our lives, which also had an environmental impact on our planet, we walked from past mistakes, through the current situation, to (hopefully) an effective plan to solve the future of the only planet we have. We looked at the challenges of our planet from a personal, local and global perspective.

We worked with the “future search” method – a principles-based method focused on tasks designed to help participants act on their capacity to act and create new forms of collaboration. The Future Search method uses mutual learning as a catalyst for voluntary action and monitoring.

With the help of experienced experts, the young people delved into the current topic of the environmental crisis and climate change, researched their causes and looked for innovative solutions. In addition, one of the key values of the academy is teamwork, as young people have the opportunity to work with their peers and connect with new people who have similar interests and goals.

During the academy, we also had the opportunity to talk with the representative of the Ebert-Stiftung foundation, Sonja Schirmbeck, and the ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Slovenia, Adrian Pollmann.

Some highlights from the Youth Academy education are available in the gallery below.