The May 1st Institute is the host of academic discussion, educational and research activities, which are carried out in the context of discussions about the future of social democratic thought. We encourage open dialogue on key social issues, educate and train individuals for active citizenship, and publish ideas, dilemmas and solutions for modern social democracy.

The fundamental values of the institute’s operation derive from the history of the labor movement and the social democratic principles of organising society. The institute wants to encourage an open discussion in society about the values of social democracy, worker solidarity and internationalism, especially in the light of the promotion of further European integration based on the slogan all different, all equal.

The institute was founded on the model of sister foundations in Europe. The umbrella organization – Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) connects more than 78 social democratic foundations across Europe and is an important think tank for the development of social democracy in Europe. We are currently cooperating mainly with the German Friedrich-Ebert-Stifung (FES). These organizations are recognized as excellent research and educational institutions that connect different stakeholders in their space and beyond, with the goal of strengthening social democratic values.

The institute implements 4 permanent programs as part of its educational activities:

  • Local activator
  • Youth Academy
  • Academy for citizen activism
  • EQUALIZER – program for empowerment and activation of women

As part of research and discussion activities, the Institute implements 2 permanent programs:

  • May 1st Podcast – Podcast about the challenges of the future
  • Theses for the future – a set of expert consultations

At the center of research and discussion activities will be the Expert Council of the Institute under the leadership of dr. Anje Kopač. With the Expert Council, we want to re-place social democratic values at the center of social debates and connect them with the academic and research sphere. The task of the Expert Council will be to expand the space for discourse, and at the same time, as part of the Theses for the Future expert consultations, it will prepare scientific conferences, round tables, confrontations of opinions and public debates, the aim of which is to create advanced field policies, to find concrete solutions for specific challenges (a long-lived society, artificial intelligence, electoral legislation, green transition…), and the creation of strategic directions for the further development of society based on social democratic values.

As part of its activity, the Institute publishes proceedings, monographs, manuals and other interactive materials.